It can be a life-changing experience if you do your research and plan ahead. Tauck has been a home for solo travelers for over 90 years. Our European river cruises have been voted one of the “World’s Best River Cruise Lines” according to Travel + Leisure readers. This is a great way for solo travelers to explore Europe. All of our tours offer the possibility to book a single room. Single rooms provide extra comfort and privacy, and are available on all our holidays, except Overlanding in Africa.

Amazing bucket list destinations for solo travel Honeycombers – The Honeycombers

Amazing bucket list destinations for solo travel Honeycombers.

Posted: Fri, 27 May 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Bike tours, canal tours and museum tours are some of my favorite experiences when I travel alone. Plus, you can pick and choose the tours that suit you and decide if you want to go back to a place later on your own. I know of one senior solo traveller who loved the Jack The Ripper tour in London. His partner would not have done it if they were there together. This tour is for solo travellers and allows you to explore the South Island of New Zealand.

So you do need to be in good health and have a normal level of fitness. Lots of over 50s solo travellers join our trips, so you won’t feel out of place at all. We will have a great time with you if you are young at heart, open-minded, and eager to discover new travel experiences. We don’t believe that travelling alone should be a costly experience. Solo travellers may not be in a position to avoid paying the hotel supplement, but the good news is that the industry is responding to single travellers’ demands.

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You can book and pay your deposit at minimum 6 months before departure to be matched with another solo traveller and share the twin price. Accommodation will be provided on an individual basis if there is no one to share it with. Many people travel alone to be able to do what they want without worrying about others. It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone must be with their own company the entire time they travel.

This tour is for single travelers who wish to travel with like-minded people. A Tour Guide will accompany the tour to ensure the ice is broken from day one at the welcome dinner. If you are arriving late to a city alone, book a hotel with concierge or a front desk. Many hotels also offer private transfers that cost nothing from the airport or train station. We can help you arrange an arrival transfer if you are travelling with us.

  • You should make it a point to visit your family back home while you’re on the road in New Zealand.
  • Whale watching is a great way to spend time along the coast. Eleven species of whales can be spotted all year.
  • If you’re travelling with us, we can help you organise an arrival transfer.
  • We believe that travelling solo shouldn’t mean having to pay more.

Avoid wearing headphones when out in public or in the evening, so you can always be alert. If you’re a female solo traveller with a taste for adventure, this is a destination made for you. This is the ideal place for those who seek solitude and contemplation. It has one of the most ancient deserts in the world. Sri Lanka’s lush landscapes and architectural wonders will give you plenty of food for thought during your solo trip.

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